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Welcome to Bandók virtual events. Virtual events are exciting new way to participate in and follow ultra-endurance events from anywhere in the world. Athletes can take on the challenge from home either riding an indoor trainer or riding outside. Each athlete is represented by a "dot" on the event map. Follow along or Join in the cycling fun.

Whether you're a participant, following a particular athlete, or a fan of a particular event, click in and enjoy.

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It's as easy as... well... riding a bike. Just post your rides to Strava like normal. We have created maps of some of the most iconic ultra-endurance cycling events in the world. We also have some unique events that are literally impossible outside of cyberspace. Once an event starts, we regularly check Strava for ride updates, do some math kung-fu and literally put you on the map (along with everyone else participating in the event). You can go nuts and ride 24/7 or just do a ride or two a week. It's up to you. Just be safe and have fun. Join an event.


Join an event linking Bandók with your Strava account.


Ride Your Bike! You can ride the trainer or ride outdoors.


Post your rides to Strava as public so everyone can see them.


Track your progress on the event map and try to out ride everyone else.


What do I get if I win?
Zip. Zilch. Nada. Bubkis. Virtual events follow the same ethos as the physical events they are modeled after. There is no prize at the end other than personal satisfaction of completing a difficult challenge and pushing your own preconceived notions of possible.

Can I ride a Trainer? Can I ride Outside?
Ride wherever you like. Any ride recorded on a trainer or riding out in the real world will work.

Do I have to ride a certain amount of elevation or just mileage?
It depends. Most events just look at mileage. But the monthly Everest challenges ignore mileage and only look at elevation.

Why aren't my rides showing up?
Your rides must be public for Bandók to use them. Also, manual entries are excluded.

Why do my rides need to be public?
While it is impossible to prevent cheating, this is one way to make it easier to spot. Everyone can see your rides (both friends and foes). If something's amiss we won't hesitate to wield the ban hammer.

Can I use my E-Bike?
Sure. With one requirement. You can't charge your e-bike at any point during the event. While virtual, the events are still human powered. Please respect this.

What do you do with my personal data?
Nothing. Bandók doesn't collect information about you and has no plans to do so.

If I join an event, do I get ride naming?
No. If you want ride naming (All the cool kids are doing it) you will need to explicitly sign up for that separately.

How much does it cost?
Bandók is free. This is a personal passion project, not a business. However, servers aren't free, so donations are always welcome.

Does it work with a free Strava account?
Yes. Bandók works just fine with both free and paid Strava accounts.

Someone's Cheating.
Is that a question? Seriously, if you suspect someone is cheating, use the contact us link at the bottom and share the details (who/what/where/when).

My ride is missing. WTF?
The most common cause for this is that you may have started your ride before the start of the event. If this happens, you can split your ride in Strava. If you split it after the event start time then the second part of the ride will show up.

How do I leave?
This is not Hotel California. You can leave any time you want. Go to and choose settings. Then choose aps. Click "Revoke Access" and Bandók will no longer have access to your account. Your dot will remain on the map for any events you joined. But your position will no longer be updated.


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